How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress? For Each type

How often should I rotate my mattress

Some mattress sellers state that they’re mattresses don’t need to be rotated.

The truth is that you should rotate your mattress every 3 months for the first year.

After that, you can start rotating it every 6 months.

This is the basic strategy to break in the foams in the mattress.

Also, check your brand’s given instruction, if they say to rotate it more often in the beginning, than do so.

Why do I need to flip my mattress

If you have a foam mattress, the foam will break in evenly and will form into your body shape better all throughout the mattress.

It actually improves it with time, naturally you’ll have to take care of it like clean it and make suere it’s properly ventilated.

After the first year, you’ll be thinking “This is the best mattress I ever had!”

Because it will have the perfect weight balance all throughout the mattress.

Do I turn or flip first? (does it matter)

First you will only need to rotate it, it only matters for you to make sure to flip and rotate in every direction and not to put it in the same position.

Naturally, you’ll come to it, so keep rotating and flipping according to the instructions that are usually sent with the mattress.

If it’s not sent with the mattress, you can google your mattress type and you’ll find a lot of info about it, if you have questions regarding your mattress, don’t hesitate and send us a message 😉

How many times can I flip a mattress?

It really doesn’t ruin a mattres if you flip it too many times.

If you think the foams in your mattress are fine to lay on, than it can totally be a good decision to stop flipping it, but if you recently bought the mattress – follow the instructions to avoid any possible damage in the future.

What happens if I don’t turn my mattress?

The foams in the mattress would break evenly if you follow the instructions that should be sent with the mattress, but if you don’t do any of those things, your mattress could develop some bumps and clumps that you could feel while sleeping on the mattress.

If you don’t want any of that, just flip it for the first year at least, that’s when it’s the most important.

But if you plan to keep using the same mattress for a few years – safest bet is to follow those instructions.

What if one person is heavier than the other?

It’s not really important, as long as you rotate and flip it – the foams in the mattress will even out the surface.

If you fail to flip or rotate the mattress in this situation, you might have a visible differance on each side of the mattress.

How do I know which way to turn it next?

It really depends on what type of mattress you have.

But you could use a really is a very simple rule of thumb:

If you rotate and flip to the same side, you’ll do a full spin.

So if you rotate to right first and then flip it to the right side, rinse and repeat.

You’ll end up making a full circle of rotation.

Do all mattresses need to be rotated

If it’s a not a foam mattress, especially if it’s a very thin mattress, it can be fine without any rotating or flipping.

However, if there is a layer of foam or any other surface, that changes it’s shape according to the pressure of the weight, you should rotate it.

Of course, there are usually instructions that come with the mattress, so if they say it’s not neccessary, than it probably isn’t.

How often should I rotate my pillow-top mattress?

It’s best if you can rotate it every month, but if you rotate it every other month that is fine too.

Needless to say, that a pillow top mattress cannot be flipped.

Can I rotate a king-size mattress sideways?

Yes, you can.

The sleeper will be sleeping “horizontally” across what was previously the top and bottom of the mattress. This will help to flatten the top, as the buttocks ( the heaviest area of the body) will rest on the top in the middle.

how often should you rotate your memory foam mattress?

Use the previously used method, once every 3 months for the first year, than once every 6 months or follow the instructions given with the mattress.

Here’s a video that would tell you how to rotate, when or if to flip it at all

how often should you rotate your tempur pedic mattress?

According to the Tempurpedic website, it states that these type of mattresses don’t need to be flipped or rotated.

It is not required, however, you could test it and see if it feels better to change it up for a few nights.

But the reason why it’s not needed is that the Tempur material should keep it’s shape and wouldn’t require to be adjusted.

how often should you rotate your sealy mattress?

There are all kinds of Sealy brand mattresses and they all give instructions with their mattresses.

You can find all of Sealy mattresses here on our Website.

how often should you rotate your nectar mattress?

Again, Nectar is a very big brand that has many kinds of mattresses.

As you know now, a foam mattress is very different from a Tempur mattress.

Some have to be rotated and flipped every month, some don’t have to be rotated at all.

But usually Nectar mattresses have to be rotated once a month. Don’t flip them though.

So once again, give it a good old collage try to the mattress instructions, it might help out quite a bit.

how often should you rotate your purple mattress?

Purple mattresses don’t have to be rotated.

They take pride in their mattresses for it’s simplicity, therefore it doesn’t require to be rotated at all.


It is best to follow the given instructions that come with the mattress, so if you just read that, there shouldn’t be any confusion left.

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