Do Mattresses Come Rolled Up? Yes, Here’s How They Work

More and more people are spending money on new mattresses! According to experts, the mattress market is set to grow from $17.3bn in 2018 to $18,9bn by 2023. We suspect much of this is due to frequency, people are simply replacing their mattresses more often.

Perhaps you’re replacing your mattress? And maybe it’s been a while since you last bought a new one so maybe things have changed.

Of course, new innovations in the technology, materials, production, and delivery of mattresses move ahead all the time. One of those is to do with how you get one more easily. This begs the question – do mattresses come rolled up?

So to answer that we’ll start off with a quick response and then we’ll get into more of the details…

Mattresses that arrive rolled up are usually memory foam mattresses that can compress for easy transportation and reduce delivery costs. They will expand to full size once opened. Sprung mattresses or more complex mattresses arrive in one piece as rolling them is not possible and may cause damage.

That’s the quick answer, but does that apply to just memory foam mattresses? And does a rolled-up mattress work the same as a non-rolled mattress?

So let me get into a bit of detail to give you the full information, starting with what exactly is a rolled-up mattress…

What is a Roll-Up Mattress?

When we think of a rolled-up mattress, we might think in terms of a roll-up yoga mat or camping bed. And actually, you wouldn’t be far off the mark if you did – in terms of how they arrive.

Except, that yoga mats and camping beds are often thin mattresses or material, but with a rolled-up mattress you are ultimately getting something much better.

Simply imagine if you were able to take your existing mattress and begin rolling it up from one end. This is the same structure that a mattress arrives in upon delivery.

Once rolled, the mattress is then vacuum-packed in order to retain its form and prevent it from springing back open again. So you might also find these mattresses referred to as “vacuum-packed” mattresses.

“camping beds are often thin mattresses or material, but with a

rolled-up mattress you are ultimately getting something much better”

A roll-up mattress cannot be re-rolled

You have to keep in mind that rolled-up mattresses are rolled and vacuum-sealed in a factory setting, using large compression machinery.

Once unrolled, it would be very difficult for you to re-roll the mattress to its former shape without complex steps and similar high-powered machinery.

This might prompt you to ask what kind of material these mattresses are made of that allows them to be rolled so compact. So let’s get on to that next…

How roll-up mattresses are made

Roll-up mattresses mostly contain the same kind of material as traditional mattresses, but with a few exceptions. The main component being polyurethane foam.

So for the most part, roll-up mattresses are manufactured in much the same way as traditional mattresses. But are then given a few additional steps…

  1. Placed in a protective bag
  2. Compressed with a high powered compression machine
  3. Vacuumed with a high powered vacuum machine
  4. The first bag is then heat-sealed
  5. Rolled tightly using a tumbler machine
  6. Bagged around the finished rolled mattress which is also heat sealed

Upon opening, the pressure that the foam has to expand will begin the process of returning to its original shape. It’s quite remarkable that foam material can do this. Here’s what you need to do to “unpack” your roll-up mattress.

How to unpack a roll-up mattress

To get your roll-up mattress back to its original shape and ready for use, follow these simple steps below…

  1. Break the seal on the vacuum-sealed bag, being careful not to cut or pierce the mattress
  2. Let the mattress roll out of its own accord on a flat surface
  3. The mattress will begin to take in the air that was forced out and re-inflate
  4. Allow an initial hour for inflation, but expect final results after 8 hours
  5. Your mattress should now be ready for use

How long a rolled-up mattress takes to expand

As mentioned above, the mattress will begin re-inflating almost immediately, and after around an hour you should see the most results.

However, the process is not fully complete until around 8 hours after opening. So it’s best to wait until the mattress has fully expanded before considering using it.

Another good reason to wait is that it can often take a good 24 hours before the mattress has completely unrolled.

“It can often take a good 24 hours before

the mattress has completely unrolled”

What types of mattresses arrive rolled-up

You may have heard mention of “memory foam”, this is primarily the main type of mattress that’s rolled vacuum packed. Memory foam, of course, easily returns to its manufactured shape.

Mattresses containing metal or sharp parts such as metal springs are unlikely to be rolled as this will likely cause damage to the mattress, and there would be little gain in any reduced volume.

Once unrolled, your mattress should perform exactly the same as if you had purchased it as a full-sized mattress.

So now you know buying a roll-up mattress is just the same as a full-sized mattress, you might be wondering what the comparable benefits are to a full-sized mattress? So let’s address that questions next…

Roll-up mattress benefits

Here are the main reasons why you would choose a rolled-up mattress, starting with the quickfire list…

  • Lower or no delivery costs
  • Faster delivery
  • Easy to move and position
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Greater availability

Lower or no delivery

Historically, mattresses have always been a bully item to deliver. For this reason, it was usually down to scheduling of deliveries and the need for two people to deliver such large items.

This is still the case for large sprung mattresses, but no so for rolled-up mattresses. A driver on his own can deliver it, it requires less space in his truck, and delivery costs are vastly reduced because of this.

Faster deliver

No delivery schedule is required which slows up the number of possible deliveries, And a standard box can be delivered off the shelf like any other purchased item, and much faster than a full sized mattress. It’s just quicker and more convenient for everyone.

Easy to move and position

If you’re ordering for that small attic room, or that quaint cottage in the country, then often getting a full-sized mattress in position is just not an option. There’s just too much wedging and scraping walls going on to get a full mattress as an option.

This is not the case for rolled-up mattresses, simply carry the rolled-up mattress into the room it’s needed and begin the unpacking. If only this could be the case with every item of furniture!

Environmentally friendly

Yes, there is the added carbon use of large machinery to compress and roll the mattress. But this is canceled out by the vastly fewer journeys that drivers have to make, as they can deliver multiple mattresses in a day. It means fewer emissions overall.

Greater availability

Mattress stores, and mattress specialists like us, can carry much more stock of these mattresses. This increases availability and increases stock space. Increased stock space and lower delivery costs mean prices can be reduced.

More mattress help…

We hope this has provided you with a great answer to the question: do mattresses come rolled up.

If you’re looking for a rolled-up mattress then you’ve come to the right place and we’d be happy to help.

Whether it’s a brand new traditional mattress for your master bedroom or a rolled-up mattress for your small attic space we have the best options for you.

So be sure to check out my store (add store link) for quality rolled-up mattresses, as well as King, King-Queen, and queen-sized mattresses to bring a touch of comfort to your home.

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